Engagement Ring buying guide

An engagement ring is one of the most important items that you will ever have to buy. Every guy wants his girlfriend to love the ring forever and not be secretly disappointed with the ring forever. When buying an engagement ring, don't just buy any ring, take your time and think about your girlfriend and the perfect engagement ring for her.

While you go on this venture there will be a lot of questions arising in your head: How do you choose the perfect engagement ring? How much should you spend? Make it a surprise or do you go shop for the ring together?

Following these simple steps in our guide can help you make what seems to be a very complicated decision a breeze.

  1. Before you start shopping you need to learn the Four C's, Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat weight, they are main factors that determine the quality of a diamond and thus, its price. Click here to learn about diamonds
  2. Know her style. You want your loved one to completely, truly, honestly love the ring. She wants to be proud to wear it and tell all her friends what a hero you are, so please pay close attention to what she likes. A lot of times women give hints on what they like, for instance when she admires someone else's engagement ring or a ring in a magazine- pay attention. You can always ask her friends and family what she likes, but be very discreet and make sure that person can keep a secret. Look at the jewelry she already wears and note the kind of metal she prefers (yellow gold, white gold, platinum). There are many different diamond shapes and cuts, if you don't know what shape she loves go with a Round stone. Round cut diamonds are the most brilliant of all the shapes and they are timeless in style. Though the center stone you choose is very important, the setting is a major part of an engagement ring. For some women the setting is more important than the diamond itself. While you’re spending time looking for the perfect diamond focusing on the 4 C's, don't forget to really give the mounting some thought. If you cannot be sure that you’ve got the style of the setting exactly like she would want then simply go for a plain solitaire setting. After you propose and she happily accepts you can both go shopping for a new setting. By doing so you still keep an element of surprise by proposing to her, but also by shopping for a setting together you can be sure she gets the ring she always dreamed of!
  3. Know her ring size. You need to know the exact size because you want that magic moment to be perfect, you don't want to see her tears because the ring doesn't fit. The best way is always to have her finger size taken by a professional in a store. If you want to keep this a surprise, try asking her family or friends if they know the size, sometimes women try on each other's jewelry, or have bought jewelry for one another. One more way is finding a ring that already fits her third finger take it to a jewelry store if she doesn't wear it often. If she wears that ring, then simply put it on your finger and mark where it fits, based on that a jeweler can give you an approximate size. And remember It's always good to go a with a little bigger size, because when you give the ring to her she can at least put it on and wear it with a temporary ring guard until you have it professionally resized.
  4. Have a budget in mind, but be flexible. You know she's worth every penny, but you don't have to break the bank to buy a stunning ring Shop Our Engagement Collection

Know your Diamond Shapes

Different cuts all fall into two categories - round and fancy shaped (non-round)